Do you spend hours every day in front of the mirror to look beautiful? With our tips, you will cover up all imperfections much faster and you don’t need to wake up too early! And don’t forget that confident people are more likely to attract other people!
Makeup remover marker is a genius way to the perfect and fast makeup.
Did you know the easiest way how to avoid blisters? Use the sanitary napkin!
Need to pack tons of cosmetics and you can’t leave without it? Not a problem! Use magnetic pad, contact lens cases for space saving and recycle straws into travel packs!
Chewing gum is a fashion disaster for all of us when some stuck to your clothes, all is not lost.
Use ice cubes to solve the problem.
The next idea sounds crazy but you can easily fix your nail using a tea bag. Don’t you believe us? Try this lifehack and share the results in comments below!
Now it’s easy to resize your jeans: make two slits one to two centimeters away from the belt loop and sew the elastic into place underneath the belt loop. Watch our video and find the tutorial!
New shoes have slippery soles, use grater!
A lot of women love coffee scrub as it has a lot of beauty benefits of coffee—like antioxidants and exfoliation, makes your skin look healthier after the first use and low cost.
So, regular massage is highly recommended to prevent aging and leads to a younger-looking skin.
By the way, face massage can help you to lose face fat and avoid double chin and chubby cheeks. But don’t forget about your body it also needs care and massage that strengthens immunity, improves blood circulation and a person’s mood.

00:06 Get rid of dark circles
01:28 Makeup remover marker
02:55 Cheap travel packs
06:45 Natural coffee scrub
12:00 Fast way to look slimmer


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