​​How to clean your makeup products

The best thing about makeup is the creative process of making the most perfectly flawless makeup look, however, the most painful part about makeup is cleaning up after ourselves after we are done with our masterpieces. Because we understand the pain, we wanted to share with you some amazing makeup hacks that will help you clean your cosmetics in no time. This way you’ll have all your makeup supplies clean and organized all the time.

– It is important to clean your eyelash curler because it can easily cause an eye infection. In order to do that, remove the rubber band from the bottom part of your eyelash curler and then using fire from your lighter place it on the part of the eyelash curler which contains the most dirt. Then, wipe it out using a paper towel and voila.

– Blowdryers should be cleaned relatively often because the dust that they collect can cause dust mites to develop. In order to clean your blow dryer, remove the back cap that protects the fans and remove the dust using an old toothbrush.

– How to clean your false eyelashes
Falsies are something we all and finding the perfect ones can be expensive. If your falsies are damaged beyond return, do not throw them away before you try out this little hack we have for you. Simply place them in some micellar water for 15 minutes. Then, remove them and using a mascara wand comb them in order to get rid of all the dried mascara which is stuck on them.

– How to clean your makeup bag:
Do you also have that one makeup back that when you flip inside out it looks like an abstract painting? Then, we can relate and we have the most amazing hack for you. We demonstrate a brilliant way to clean your dirty makeup bag using toothpaste. Simply add some toothpaste on the surface of the bag and then using an old toothbrush scrub all the dirt off.

– How to clean your mascara wand:
A dirty and all dried mascara wand can spoil your whole eye makeup look. So, we found a way to help you clean your mascara wand. Fill a glass with micellar water and let your mascara wand sit inside for 15 minutes. Then, take it out and see all the dry mascara being wiped on a piece of paper towel. You’ll see that when you use the wand again it will seem like you’ve just gotten your self a new mascara.

Watch our whole video to discover some more brilliant makeup cosmetic cleaning hacks as well as many different ways to create your own makeup products!

0:10 – Clean your eyelash curler
0:53 – Clean your false lashes
2:27 – How to clean your razors
3:16 – Hairbrush cleaning trick
4:10 – How to clean your mascara wand
5:06 – How to clean your beauty blender
6:23 – DIY makeup highlighter
7:18 -How to fix dry mascara
7:36 – DIY glitter palette
9:08 – Makeup organizer display

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