Hilarious experiences that made us feel embarrassed

Hey guys, it feels like we go through life all the time embarrassing our selves just by doing our daily routine. So, in this video, I am sharing some situations that you can definitely relate to and that they’ll make you chuckle.
– Like the times when you walk down the street with your headphones signing and you are tone-deaf.
– Or when you got to school/work and you spray on your favorite perfume and you end up stinking. We’ve all done that, trust me.
– What about the times that you like your food or dessert so much you end up licking the plate. Nobody can blame you though.
– Sometimes, another eavesdropping on other peoples conversation is the most interesting thing ever, especially when you are in public and they are having an argument.
– Have you ever tried to get some ice from the fridge to put it in your drink and you ended up throwing it on the floor? What did you do? Pick it up or kicked it under the fridge? We all know the answer.
– Have you ever been out in public, saw a cute guy, tried taking pictures of them with your phone and accidentally left the sound on? I definitely have, but it was funny.
– I also show you some hilarious makeup fails for all the makeup lovers out there that you can totally relate. For example when you try to apply false lashes and you end up sticking your eyelids together, or when you swatch 100 lipstick colors on your hands until you find the right one.

0:16 – Funny things we all do sometimes
0:55 – Listening to other peoples conversations
1:57 – When you are way too lazy
2:06 – What you do when you see a cute guy
2:55 – Bloopers
3:19 – Hilarious makeup fails
4:09 – When swatching goes wrong
5:10 – Struggles of having long nails
5:51 – When you don’t know how to apply fake lashes

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