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We all love nicely packaged makeup products that also have great designs on them, but what about makeup storage? If you are looking for ways to decorate and even create your very own makeup storage products, then this video is for you. We demonstrate beautiful ways to create different designs for your vanity storage and also tips on how to create your own DIY makeup products. We are sharing with you the most affordable ways to achieve a beautiful makeup display and create very pigmented makeup using products you already have in your own home.

– If you are looking for a way to store your makeup brushes then we demonstrate the cutest and sparkliest way for you. Take a mason jar and using a brush apply some PVA glue on it. Then, sprinkle glitter on a flat surface and roll your jar all over the glitter. Finally, let it dry and voila. This way you can keep all your makeup brushes organized and on display to inspire you everytime you do your glam makeup looks.

– Lipstick storage cases can be expensive, so we found the best way for you to create your own makeup case where you can store both your lipsticks and mascaras inside. The only thing you have to do collected a few toothpick cases and stick them together. Stick all the lids at the front because that’s where you will be storing your lipsticks and all the containers at the back for your mascaras. Watch our video for the full demonstration.

– If you have any single egg cup holders laying around and you are a makeup artist who utilizes a lot of beauty blenders, then you will love this makeup display idea. Take your single egg cup holders and paint them a pastel color of your choice, such as baby pink, baby blue or mint. Then, apply some PVA at the base of the egg cup and roll it in glitter as we did with the makeup brush storage. Finally, let it dry and stick all the egg cup holders together. Place your beauty blenders inside and voila.

– You can also use cutlery organizers from your kitchen drawers to store all your makeup. This one is perfect if you are trying to keep all your makeup products neatly in your drawers and you also want them to be easily accessible without creating a mess every time you do your makeup.

– When it comes to jewelry, earrings are the ones we lose the most. Maybe because they are so tiny and they need to be in pairs. So, in order to help you keep your earrings safe and in pairs, we found a perfect hack using buttons. You simply place your earrings through each button hole and voila; this way they’ll always be in pairs and organized.

– In this video, we also show you brilliant hacks to take your makeup with you traveling. We demonstrate an easy step-by-step tutorial on how to create little creamy samples for all your toiletries using straws. In addition, we show you how to use contact lenses containers to store your foundation and face cream and, how to create your own lip balm with a mini flower embedded inside. Watch our whole video to discover how to make your own lipstick palette and many more.
0:12 – DIY makeup brush holders
0:29 – Lipstick and mascara storage
0:46 – Cute vanity display
1:46 – Spinning display using a fidget spinner
2:50 – Prinkles container storage hack
3:37 – Makeup drawer organizer
4:05 – Earring organizer
4:29 – Makeup brushes case
4:51 – DIY travel samples
5:52 – Contact lenses container trick
6:21 – DIY lip balm
7:16 – Cute rainbow highlighter
8:08 – Save your dried out mascara

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