Brilliant makeup hacks and DIYs

Makeup is a huge part of everyone’s life now. Both in reality and on social media, mainly because it is the newest form of art that exists and lets people experiment with makeup on a daily basis. That’s why we created this video compilation. We wanted to share with you some amazing DIY hacks to help you experiment with your makeup products and also inspire with your DIY makeup hacks to try something new for yourself. Watch our whole video and follow the step-by-step makeup tutorials we have for you.

– DIY makeup storage:
In the first video clips, we are sharing with you some beautiful ways to make your own makeup storage using glitter, glue, paint, and, items you already have in your kitchen.
– We show you how to make a mascara and lipstick case using toothpick containers. Here is how to do it. Take your toothpick containers and using hot glue stick the lid in front of the actual container. Repeat the same process a few more times until you have the desired number of compartments to store your lipsticks. After that place your lipsticks inside the lids of the toothpicks and your mascaras or eyeliners at the back.
– We also share with you a beautiful way to store your makeup brushes using mason jars. Here is how you can do it. Take some PVA glue and using a paint brush apply it all around the mason jars. Then, pour some glitter on a flat surface and roll your mason jars on top of the glue until they get covered with glitter. Set them aside and let them dry and voila. You just created beautiful makeup storage containers for your makeup brushes without spending a penny.
– We also show you how to use egg cup holders and stick them all together to create your own beautiful beauty blender display.
– In addition to those, you can also use a Prinkle container and you can cut it half in order to store your favorite makeup brushes inside. You can spray paint it the color you like and add jewelry or craft accessories on top.

– If you are just building your own makeup room and you would like to start storing your makeup collection in your drawers very neatly, you can use a cutlery container from your kitchen and use each compartment for a different makeup product. For example, you can use one compartment for the foundation, one compartment for eye pencils and one compartment for lip pencils.

– Furthermore, we share some brilliant organizing hacks not only for your makeup but also for your jewelry as well. We understand how frustrating it can be to lose your jewelry, especially when it comes to earrings. So in this video, we are showing you a brilliant hack to never lose an earring again. Simply place your earring in pairs through the holes of buttons. This way your earrings will always be together and you’ll never lose one.

Watch our whole video to discover many more amazing beauty hacks, DIY crafts and storage ideas that you can start trying right away.
0:07 – Makeup storage ideas
0:47 – How to store your beauty blenders
1:48 – DIY Vanity cupboard
3:04 – Magnetic makeup traveling case
3:38 – Makeup brush holder
4:37 – How to organize your jewelry
5:35 – DIY samples
7:06 – DIY magnetic makeup display
8:40 – Beautiful DIY jewelry box

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