Amazing tips for your beauty routine

Taking good care of your skin is vital. Having a glowy skin will help you improve your makeup skills and give you an awesome look. Sometimes using minimal products. I show you how you can use all-natural products from your kitchen to solve all of your problems.
– If you have dry skin and you notice it started peeling off. Don’t rush to buy any skincare products filled with chemicals, when you can create your smoothing scrub. Simply mix some bananas with some coconut oil and brown sugar and you are all set.
– You can also use the banana peels and rub them on your teeth if they are too sensitive to hot or cold drinks. Bananas contain minerals and nutrients that soothe painful gums.
– I get it, cellulite can bring your confidence down. But I’m showing you a cool hack to get rid of it. In a bowl mix some honey, tabasco sauce, cinnamon, and grapefruit essential oil. Mix all th ingredients together and then rub them on your skin. After that, cover your skin with cling film for 15 minutes. – Then, repeat the same process once a week. The blood circulation breaks down body fats and removes toxins from the body.

0:07 – DIY Banana Hacks
1:45 – Amazing skincare using lemons
2:47 – How to get rid of cellulite
4:44 – Face mask to get rid of oily skin
6:17 – DIY under eye patches
7:38 – How to make your own fixative spray
8:33 – How to make your own dry shampoo at home
9:29 – How to treat skin imperfections
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