Cool hairstyles and hair care tips

Hair can be a sensitive subject for us girls, for many different reasons, and taking care of our hair can be a real nuisance since our hair has a mind of their own and do whatever they want most of the time. So, in this video, we wanted to share with you some amazing hair hacks that will make you fall back in love with your hair and try some cool new hairstyles that we show you. You can try some of the super easy hairstyles that we demonstrate, or you can try some of our romantic ones, especially when you are going out with friends or at school.

In the first video section, we show you some very easy hairstyles you can either try to do at work or at school. The ones we share with you are also super quickly so you can re-create them on the go. You can do a two-part – French braid top of your hair and then put them up in a beautiful ponytail. You can also do a beautiful princess up-do hairstyle as we show you in the second video. This one will be ideal for more formal events that you might be attending.

Most of the hairstyles we share with you are heat-less because we wanted to make sure that we show how beautiful results you can achieve without using any heat tools and most importantly without damaging your hair. So, if you are looking for ways to also grow your hair, the hairstyles we show you will be the best way to go. They can make you feel beautiful without having to damage your hair.

You can dye your hair temporarily using fun eyeshadow colors. This trick is ideal if you have light colored hair and when you are going for a fun night out. You simply run one eyeshadow color through each hair strand and to make sure that it stays in place, just add some hairspray on top.

You can also make your hair seem extra long by separating them from the middle horizontally. You simply create one ponytail at the top and then one pony tail at the bottom. From the back, it will appear that your hair is 5 inches longer than they actually are.

If you are in a situation where your hair is too greasy but you have no time to wash them, you can just sprinkle some baby powder on top, blowdry it and voila.

For those of you looking to grow your hair really fast, we have the perfect hack for you! We show you how to make your own hair growth serum using different kinds of natural oils. You then can apply the miraculous serum on your hair or on your eyelashes to make them grow faster
0:26 – Romantic hair bun
1:10 – Ponytail with a side french braid
3:03 – Vacuum ponytail
3:38 – Rainbow hair
4:48 – DIY dry shampoo
6:10 – Bow hairstyle
8:06 – How to grow your hair
8:49 – Ballerina hairstyle
10:08 – Rudolf hairstyle
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