Amazing ways to repurpose thrift store clothes

Ok girls, now that it’s getting colder, it’s time upgrade our wardrobes, and what better way to do it with some genius repurposing tricks. This way you can both save money and upcycle some old clothes
– You can turn your boring black leggings into amazing running gear using bleach. You simply fold them and then tie them with a string and a triangular piece of cardboard. You then deep them in a box filled with bleach and you are all set. You can also do that to some boring black shirts. You use some masking tape, stick it on the shirts in triangles, spray your shirt and you are all set.
– To create amazing decorations for your shirts using colorful paint splatters. I show you a cool trick. Take some thin tree branches from outside, place them on the shirt. Then dip your toothbrush in some fabric paint and spray it on the shirt. You can use all the colors you want, pink, white, gree, blue, yellow, etc. Then let it dry and remove the tree branches.
– You can take it a step further and use other things from nature. For example, you can take feathers from outside, place them on your shite shirt and fill some spray bottles with diluted fabric paint. Then spray your shirt with all sorts of colors and voila.
– You can use cooking gadgets as well. You simply dip some fun-shaped cookie cutters in some bleach and then press them on a dark-colored shirt.

0:07 – Creative ways to decorate your boring clothes
2:40 – Turn a black shirt into a cool colorful one
4:03 – DIY feathery colorful shirt
5:22 – Amazing cookie cutter uses for your clothes
7:20 – DIY striped shirt
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