​Amazing clothing and styling hacks

Even though we all love buying out clothes and accessories that we wear in order to show you unique individual style, there is nothing more satisfying than to experiment around with fabrics and different materials in order to create our own amazing clothing items that we can wear5 anywhere. So, in this video, we are sharing with you some of our brilliant clothing hacks that you will absolutely fall in love with!

If you are looking for the perfect clutch that is also affordable and stylish that you can take with you on a night out or casually at lunch, and you can’t find the most suitable one, then we show you how you can create your own using a table matt, some hot glue, and a button. Watch out the first video to see the full demonstration tutorial!

For those of you who love going to the beach but don’t have a proper bag that you can take with you, then we show you how to re-purpose an old bathroom rug to create your own. This is a brilliant way to repurpose a bathroom rug that is also waterproof and that you can use. In the video, we show you how to cut it and sew in order to turn it into a beautiful beach bag.

Speaking of handbags, we; ‘ve all been at that stage in life where one of our handbags broke or got damaged but we still liked the shape and sturdiness of it. So, if you ever been in a similar situation and you’d like to save your beloved handbag follow our tutorial. Simply dress it in an old sweater and then add the handles on top. The great thing about this hack is that you can actually remove it the sweater when it gets dirty, clean it and put it back on again.

Watch out the whole video to discover all of our amazing DIY clothing tips and tricks and follow our tutorials. All the tips we have are super easy to follow and extremely helpful especially if you are a beginner.

0:35 – Repurpose a bathroom rug
1:49 – How to save an old handbag
3:11 – Turn a hoodie into a two-piece
4:11 – DIY jeans skirt
5:49 – Amazing ways to wear a scarf
10:17 – How to shorten your jeans
11:40 – Pregnancy trousers
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