Amazing Winter hacks and crafts:

Winter is officially here. We can see it in all the shops filled with snowflake decorations and feel it in our skin, especially those nights when we need more blankets to feel cozy. We love winter as much as you do, that why we came up with these awesome crafts you can do during winter and original hacks that will make you enjoy this season even more.

One of the most common makeup/beauty accessories we use during winter is the infamous chapstick. Probably because our lips are constantly getting dry and chapped. But did you know that you can use chapstick when you have the flu to prevent your nose from getting irritated and relieve the pain as well? Not only that, but you can also use chapstick when applying perfume to make it last longer, or even use it to take off a very persistent ring.

Another little winter hack we have is how to make your own sleeve blanket and it is quite simple, you just take a fabric similar to the one your blanket has and sew the side edges to turn them into sleeves, then you cut two slits in your blanket and sew your sleeves to your blanket; when it gets cold the only thing you’ll need is to wear your DIY blanket, take a nice book and enjoy it with a nice cup of hot chocolate.

Do you find it difficult to walk in the snow because if how slippery it gets? Here is what you can do. Take a line of felt and cut it into 8 equal pieces, then, take your regular shoes that you wear the most during the winter and glue 4 felts on each shoe. This will help you avoid any accidents while walking through the snow.

Another little trick we have is how to make your own scarf using an old sweater, this one is perfect especially if you have a Christmas sweater you are no longer using. The first thing you need to do is cut off the arms and the upper part of the sweater like it’s shown in the video and you should be left with a square. Then, using wool thread sew the top edges and voila – A super fast way to make your own winter accessories.

We have also have an amazing trick for those people who struggle with cold hands. This one is for those who tend to walk to school or to walk and they are constantly struggling to keep their hands warm despite wearing gloves. Here is what you need to do: Take a rectangular piece of fabric and stick some double sided tape on three sides like we demonstrate in the video, then peel the stickers off from the two sides showing in the video, and leave one sticker on for now. Then, fill the little pouch you created with rice and now peel the last sticker off and seal it. Place your pouch in the microwave for 1 minute and then in your pocket. Rice tends to hold temperature longer than any other item without burning. So you can keep two in your jacket pockets to keep you warm in the winter.
0:10 – Awesome chapstick hacks
0:53 – DIY Sleeve blanket
1:42 – DIY winter anti-slippery shoes
2:12 – Awesome scarf Idea
3:01 – How to clean dirty shoes
3:25 – DIY congestion remedy
4:04 – Cold Sore Remedy
4:35 – Sore throat treatment
5:31 – Common cold drink
6:04 – DIY Couples mittens
6:43 – DIY slippers
8:57 – How to fix frozen mascara
9:37 – Cozy DIY projects
10:47 – Awesome donut pillow
12:04 – Secret pillow trick

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