Makeup hacks to try this year

Makeup is the newest form of art in recent years. Most people see it as a way to express themselves creatively while others see it as a way to boost their confidence. It doesn’t matter if you are a professional artist or not. What matters is how to make your life easier and more exciting by trying out some of the beauty tricks we have in this video.

The correct way to clean your beauty blender is the following. Firstly, you take your dirty beauty blender and place it into a glass bowl filled with water. Then, you pour some washing up liquid on top to cover it and place it in the microwave. You then, heat it up for 30 seconds and take it out. Your beauty blender will absorb all the water and liquid from the water and it will release the foundation. Remember to wash your blender on a regular basis to avoid any breakouts.

When it comes to doing your makeup, we understand the struggle you have to go through when one of your makeup brushes gets extremely dirty. If you are in this situation, take a small strainer and add some washing up liquid on your makeup brush. Then, rinse it out and let it dry.

Traveling with makeup is a nightmare and everyone who is into makeup can confirm that. Especially when you are going on a night out and you would like to take all of your makeup products to freshen up. So, in this video, we show you an awesome way to take your makeup with your using tracing paper. You simply cut the tracing paper in small pieces and then you rub it on your eyeshadows, blushes, and concealers and voila.

If you are in a situation where you want to remove your makeup but you have no makeup remover then try using some olive oil or coconut oil. They will prevent you from sleeping with your makeup on and most importantly it is very affordable and healthy. You can also use some shaving foam to remove makeup.

Not only do we have makeup tips, but we also have some awesome hair hacks as well. One we have has to do with thin hair, and we demonstrate a very easy way to comb your hair make them seem thicker. Watch our whole video to find some awesome home workout exercises and awesome beauty hacks that will change your life.

0:07 – How to clean your beauty blender
1:30 – How to clean your makeup brushes
2:32 – Quick wavy hair
3:06 – DIY makeup samples
4:14 – Eyeliner for beginners
4:58 – DIY makeup remover
6:40 – DIY makeup powder
9:22 – Curly hair hack
10:19 – DIY lipstick palette
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