Re-purpose your old clothes into new ones

Are you tired of wearing the same clothes over and over again and you are looking for new affordable ways to re-invent them? Then this video is for you. We understand how tiring it can be to wear the same clothes over and over again or wear clothes that no longer fit you. So in this video demonstration, we are sharing with you cool ways to re-use clothes and re-invent your new style without spending a penny.

– We show you a cool way to turn your baggy pants into a beautiful off-shoulder dress.
If you have a pair of pants that are now offseason and you are looking to get rid of it before you do try out this little hack. Place both your legs inside one of the trouser’s legs and bring it up high on your chest. Then take the other leg, collect it like it is a big scarf just as we do in the video and place it through your head, down to your shoulders and voila.

– How to turn your hoodie into a two-piece.
We all have that extra large hoodie that we wear with our sweatpants on our days off, but if you get tired of you and you are looking to replace it. Give it a second life with this hack we have. Firstly, take the hoodie and remove the String. Then, cut it a few inches above the pockets just as we do in the video demonstration. After that, take your fabric scissors and pierce two holes on the opposite side of the hoodie to run the string through. (This will now be the skirt of your two-piece). Finally, try your hoodie how well it fits you and you can wear it more formally now when you go out for coffee or shopping with your friends.

– Turn your old pair of jeans into a summer jean mini skirt.
If you have an old pair of jeans lying around, try out this hack and you’ll make yourself the most beautiful jean skirt out there. Take your pair of jeans and cut them to the length you would like your skirt to be. Then, remove the threads from the front and back rise and add some fabric glue on the triangle that forms there. After that, take a cut out of the pair of jeans you cut and place it on top of the glue. Repeat the same process at the back as well and voila. You just made yourself a cool jean skirt.

– How to turn a large shirt into a cute dress.
If you have an old short that you are having a hard time to get rid off and you are looking for a cool way to repurpose it. Then try out this little hack we have for you. Sew the bottom of the sleeves together to turn them into pockets and then wear your shirt as you normally would, but this time take your hands out and above the shirt. Then place the sleeves inside the dress as pockets and voila.

– DIY crop top.
Everyone loves crop tops whether they would like to wear them at the gym or casually at home. So we show you how to turn boxers into a cute crop top in no time. Simply cut the inside of the boxers underneath just as we do in the video and voila. No stitching is required, just cutting and then you just put them on.

Watch our whole video demonstration to discover many more awesome clothing hacks and styling DIYs that you can with our old clothes. For example, we show you how to turn your jeans into a cute carrier bag. In addition, we demonstrate step by step tutorials on how to decorate your boring t-shirts and how to remove stains from your clothes.
0:22 – Turn a hoodie into a 2-piece outfit
1:23 – DIY jean skirt
2:36 – Cute tight waist dress
3:03 – How to fit into large jeans
3:36 – Flip flop hack
6:04 – How to remove sweat stains
7:03 – Shirt decorating hack
7:19 – Awesome sleeveless shirt hack
8:16 – Repurpose an old jean jacket
9:54 – Cute lace jeans
11:11 – Make your own skirt
12:12 – Ripped leggings fashion

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