Beauty and makeup hacks you should try

Something that we are all aware off, is that beauty comes from within. But most of the time we don’t feel that great about ourselves and with what we see in the mirror. Sometimes what we actually need is not an improvement to our look but an improvement to our beauty routine. So, in this video, we have some amazing beauty hacks that will completely change your perspective on beauty. By trying these tricks that we have you will instantly feel better about yourself and you will also fall in love with your new beauty routine.

Have you noticed any wrinkles lately on your skin? Don’t sweat it too much because we have the best hack for you to get rid of them. Right before you go to bed just add some tape in the are your see wrinkles and they will be eliminated by the next morning.

Beautiful nails are something that we all strive for, it is a small addition to our confidence, so in this video, we show you a very easy to do nail design that will make your nails pop. Simply paint your nails the color of your choice and then add cute some masking tape in sharp spiky triangles around the edges, stick it on your nails as a stencil and paint that part of the nail a different color.

Applying the perfect winged liner can be a huge struggle at the beginning, so in this video, we show you the perfect way to achieve a winged liner from the first try by applying some tape as a guide. This way you can do any makeup look you want and rock it like a professional makeup artist.

Of course, natural remedies couldn’t be missing from this video, so we wanted to share with you a way to get rid of dark undereye circles with some tea bags. Simply let a couple of green tea teabags brew and once they cool down, apply them on your eyes for 10 minutes, then remove them and voila.

A bright smile indicates that you take good care of your teeth and yourself in general. Not everyone can afford to pay a visit to the dentist and whiten their teeth. So, in this video, we have brilliant DIY teeth whitening hack that you can try to remove stains from your teeth and make them whiter. Simply mix some toothpaste with some baking soda in a kitchen foil, apply the mixture on your teeth for 5 minutes and rinse.

Watch our whole video to discover many more amazing beauty hacks that will completely revolutionize your beauty routine and your overall confidence.

0:36 – How to look skinny in photos
1:47 – Cool DIY nail design
2:52 – Mascara hack
3:43 – DIY waterproof lipstick
4:33 – How to get rid of undereye circles
5:54 – How to dry your nails faster
7:12 – How to contour your abs
7:36 – Rainbow eyeliner
8:06 – DIY peel-off face mask
9:22 – How to get rid of stretch marks
11:36 – Hair growth serum
13:36 – How to eliminate large pores

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