​How to quickly achieve the perfect makeup

Doing your makeup can take up to 3 hours especially if you are paying attention to every single detail in order to make it look flawless. So, in this video, we wanted to share with you some amazing hacks that will speed up the process of your makeup while still helping you achieve the ultimate flawless look. We have tips on how to quickly clean your makeup brushes without getting them wet, how to whiten your teeth at home, or even how to make your own DIY face masks and hair masks.

– You can clean your eye makeup brushes by rubbing them on some scotch tape or double face. All the powder will get stuck on the sticky side of the tape and it will be removed from the brush.

– Freckles are the new makeup trend, and in this makeup tutorial, we show you the perfect way to achieve fake freckles using makeup. You simply dip a fork into some hot glue and after it dried you dip it into a matte brown eyeshadow that suits your skin tone for freckles. Then you tap it on your face and voila.

– If you are looking for an awesome DIY hair mask to prevent split ends and nourish your hair, you can apply some whipping cream on top and massage it on your scalp. You distribute it all over your hair and then rinse it out a few minutes later.

– You can apply the perfect eyeshadow by placing a bottle cap on your eyes to use as a stencil. This will help you form your crease better and achieve a perfect smokey look.

– If you experience really bad breath you can mix activated charcoal with water and brush your tongue and your teeth. Charcoal removed bad odor and bacteria that get trapped in your tongue.

– You can turn your pale lips into fuller lips by mixing some yogurt and wasabi. You mix the ingredients together well and then you apply the mixture to your skin. You let it sit there for a few minutes and it gets removed.

– In order to be able to fix your fake lashes and re-use them as many times as possible, we have the perfect hack for you. You simply place your eyelashes in micellar water and let them sit there for a few minutes. You then take a clean mascara wand and you brush your falsies with it. This will remove all the old glue and you’ll be able to make your lashes look brand new.

Watch our whole video to discover new awesome makeup hacks that you can try at home. We show you a perfect way to remove makeup from your makeup bag and how to quickly clean your makeup brushes. In addition, we show you a few shaving hacks and how to contour your belly to make it appear that you have abs.
0:35 – DIY makeup freckles
2:51 – How to get rid of bad breath
3:16 – DIY makeup brush
6:14 – How to clean your falsies
7:47 – Shaving hack
9:32 – Get rid of clumpy eyelashes
11:39 – Teeth whitening remedy
12:26 – How to contour your tummy
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