​Brilliant beauty hacks

All of us girls are looking for ways to improve our look, sometimes we do it through makeup, sometimes through clothes and sometimes through our hair, but our whole appearance plays a huge role into our perception of beauty. So, in this video, we wanted to give your girls some inspiration and motivation to always look your best by following our simply beauty tips we have for you.

– If you are looking for a way to make your lipstick matte and waterproof we show you the perfect hack. Simply add some makeup powder on top of your lips after you’ve applied your lipstick and voila.

– We also show you a simple sewing trick where you can turn your regular bra into a brilliant push-up bra you can wear with your favorite clothes that compliment your beautiful body.

– You can also make your own eyeliner stamp to apply eyeliner in just a few seconds. This hack only requires a box of tick tacks and a cutter. It is ideal if you are a beginner makeup artist and you are looking for ways to rock your winged liner, but you are struggling to make both the right and left eye match.

– All of us like the bright beautiful smile of celebrities who look absolutely stunning with their beautiful white teeth. So, in this video, we show you how to get the much-desired celebrity smile that all of us dream off by creating your whitening kit at home. The only thing you’ll need is a tablespoon of baking soda and some toothpaste.

– In addition, to those, we also share with you some amazing baking soda uses that will make you keep an extra box of baking soda under your kitchen for all these cases.
– You can use baking soda to polish your silver.
– You can use it to brighten your dark armpits
– You can also use baking soda with lemon juice to remove spray tan.
– You can use it to exfoliate your skin.

Watch our whole video to discover all of our beauty hacks and follow the step-by-step tutorials we have for you to rock your magnificent look and boost your confidence.

0:09 – DIY waterproof lipstick
0:21 – DIY push-up bra
1:19 – Long belt hack
1:38 – DIY winter sleepers
2:32 – How to fix large rings
3:45 – Eyeliner stamp
4:24 – Panoramic photo illusion
4:40 – How to whiten your teeth
5:11 – How to polish silver
5:33 – How to remove blood stains
6:32 – How to clean your hair brushes
7:13 – How to clean dirty cookware
8:06 – How to fix broken makeup
8:49 – Perfect face primer
9:33 – How to polish shoes with coffee
9:55 – DIY dry shampoo
10:44 – How to dry your nails faster
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