Amazing beauty hacks for your look

Beauty does not only consist of makeup and skincare. It is a wide range of things that if you put them together can come to together can create what it is now considered a beautiful image. It is great makeup, skin, hair, nails and even style. So, in this video, we are sharing with you some amazing lifehacks that will help you improve your image both at work or school!

Nails play an important role in beauty. In fact one of the first things someone notices on someone it’s their nails. So, in the first video section, we show you how you can create beautiful nail art using minimum nail materials and a lot of your imagination!
– You can use dental floss to create a cool nail decoration by wrapping it around your finger and then painting a completely different nail color on top.
– You can also use plasters to create an amazing french nail without having to worry if the nail curve it’s correct.

Scarves should be part of everyone’s style for many different reasons. They give you a cool style and you can wear the same clothes sometimes at school or at work by wearing a different scarf it will make it seem like you are wearing completely different clothes. In addition, a scarf can turn your day look into a night look and vice versa. So in this video, we show you countless ways to wear your scarfs to match your outfits.

Of course, having beautiful hair plays a huge part in someone’s image. So we also show you step-by-step tutorials on how to create your own amazing hairstyles that you can wear both at school or at work or for a fun night out. The hairstyles we demonstrate require no heat tools so you won’t have to damage your hair at all.

Watch our whole video to find out all of our amazing beauty hacks that will inspire you to change your image or improve it in a more positive way!

0:06 – Cool nail art design
0:27 – Perfect french manicure
1:07 – Cool ways to wear a scarf
5:38 – Beautiful heatless hairstyles
7:46 – The perfect bun
8:34 – How to clean your blow dryer
8:54 – How to clean your eyelash curler
10:55 – Nail hacks
11:02 – Matte top coat
12:03 – DIY nail polish color
12:45 – Marble nail design
13:51 – DIY nail polish remover
14:10 – Clothing hacks for men’s clothes
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