Brilliant beauty tricks to learn right away

When it comes to beauty, there are never enough tricks that we can learn. So, in this video compilation, we wanted to share with you brilliant beauty tricks, makeup hacks and makeup DIYs that you can try, using items you already have in your own home. Watch our video to discover affordable ways to make your own tinted body moisturizer and many more.

– How to stop your face from sweating:
We know the struggle during the hot months of the year when you step outside for a minute and then your face gets all sweaty and your makeup gets ruined. In order to help you put a stop to that, we share with you an awesome hack. Simply add some deodorant on your skin and let it dry. It will react the exact same way as it does when you apply it on your armpits.

– Tinter moisturizer
We can guarantee that there is no woman in the world who is not familiar with the struggles of getting your thin tights ripped just by going through your day. If you are in that situation, follow our little hack on how to make your own tinted moisturizer. In a plastic container add some moisturizer and then add some of your foundation on top of the moisturizer. Mix the two together very well and apply it on your legs.

– How to make your own dry shampoo
Having greasy hair is a huge nuisance. Mainly because we have to wash our hair every day in order to avoid the all sticky/greasy look the next way; which is impossible to work with. If you are in a desperate need for a dry shampoo that won’t cost you a lot of money try out this little hack.
– DIY Dry shampoo for brunettes – 2 tablespoons of corn starch + 2 tablespoons of cocoa powder + 2 drops of essential oil
– DIY Dry shampoo for blondes – 1 tablespoon of corn starch + 1 tablespoon of baking soda + 2 drops of essential oil.

– How to make your own peel-off lipstick:
Sometimes wearing lipstick out to dinner or when you go out for drinks with your friends can be a huge nightmare. It can either get smudged on your lips or stain your drinking glass and you’d have to keep applying lipstick for the rest of the night. So, in this clip, we show you how to make your own lip stain that will make it look like you are wearing waterproof lipstick. In a cup add some Non-toxic PVA glue, then add a few drops of red or pink food coloring and mix the two together. Then, take a lip brush and apply the mixture on your lips. Let it sit there for a few minutes until it feels completely dry and peel off.

– How to make your own lip scrub:
If you are looking for an all natural ingredient lip scrub why not make your own with products you already have in your kitchen cupboard? Here is how to do it. Apply some honey on your lips, and then apply some sugar on top. The sugar will exfoliate your lips and the honey will moisturize it.

Watch our whole video to discover some more brilliant beauty hacks as well as some clothing tips we have for you that will save the day.
0:50 – Flawless looking legs without tights
1:17 – DIY dry shampoo
2:29 – DIY lip balm
3:25 – Heatless curls
3:51 – Contouring hack
4:25 – DIY lip stain
4:49 – Brilliant DIY fixative spray
6:06 – Make your own makeup remover
7:33 – Fix an extra long belt
8:46 – How to make any lipstick waterproof
9:51 – Eyeliner stamp
11:20 – Fix dry mascara
12:00 – DIY blackhead remover
13:11 – DIY Teeth whitening

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