​​Brilliant hair hacks that will save the day

Hair plays a huge part in our appearance. There is an old saying that goes “hair is your crown and glory”. Well, it is true, no matter how beautiful and flawless your skin looks without having the well-taken-care-of hair to accompany it, it can ruin your whole image. So, in this video, we are sharing with you some amazing easy hairstyles to achieve a flawless look as well as some brilliant haircare tricks and DIYs to treat your hair.

– In the first clips, you show you some amazing and simple hairstyles you can do to achieve a complicated yet beautiful look. For example, we show you how to tie your hair up in a ponytail with two strands of your hair twisted in such a way to make it look like they are the hair tie holding the ponytail together.

– In addition, we have an amazing hairstyle that you can do on your own if you are a bride to be. This awesome hairstyle only requires you to have straight hair and a few tiny transparent elastic bands. You’ll separate your hair and take the first layer of your head and tie it in a semi-loose ponytail on the right side. Then, you so the same on the left side and repeat the same process as you move downwards until you reach the lower back of the head. Then, you add some decorative pearls and hair accessories and voila.

– We also show you how to make a bow-inspired hairstyle with one braid. This one is perfect and simple and you can wear at both at school or at work. Here how to do it. Take the top half of your hair and tie it with a hair band. Then, take half of that hair on top and braid it. Now attach that piece to the top of your head temporarily, After that, take the bottom part of that ponytail and then, tie it again lower with a small elastic band and using your fingers split it in half and flip the lower part of the ponytail through the whole. Then, bring your braid down, place it again through the hole you created, hold the braid and then pull the bottom ponytail up just as we do in the video. It will make it look like you have a beautiful bow with a braid in the middle holding it together.

– Ways to curl your hair:
If you are running late but you still want to have the perfect curls, then we demonstrate many different ways to achieve that!
– Perfect curls – You can curl your hair using pencils. Simply separate your hair in parts and wrap them around a few pencils. Then, run your hair straightener through them and voila
– Beach waves – (This one usually works when you have wet hair). Place your hair inside a strainer and flip your head upside down. Then blow dry it for a few minutes and voila.
– How to add volume to your hair – Flip your head upside down and braid your hair. Sleep with it and then take the braid out in the morning.

Watch our whole video to get many different hairstyle inspirations for you as well as some haircare tips and tricks.
0:16 – Beautiful bridal hairstyle
1:01 – Romantic heart-shaped hairstyle
1:31 – Bow hairstyle
2:14 – Braided rose
2:49 – Hair twister
3:29 – How to curl your hair with a straightener
3:53 – Perfect beach waves
4:50 – Bobby pin afro curls
5:21 – Perfect Bun
7:41 – Eyelash curler hack
8:44 – How to create a beautiful hairstyle with a pencil
9:40 – Cute ballerina inspired hairstyle
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