​Easy and simple hair hacks to transform your look

Have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror and wondered what is going on with your hair, or even questioned why they looked the way they looked? Then don’t worry because we’ve all been there and we know the struggles. That is why we created this video. We wanted to share with you some awesome hair hacks that will help transform your look, see what hairstyles suit you and boost your confidence.

In the first video section, we help you decide whether you can rock a short bob hairstyle or not simply by showing you a cool way to style your hair and make it look really short. This way you can test whether something will suit your overall facial structure without making the mistake of cutting it. Or you can try this trick if you are looking to change your look once in a while without having to get a haircut for it.

For those times that you are looking for a cute hairstyle that you can wear at school without damaging your hair. We show you some cool ones where you don’t need to use any heat tools that may cause damage to your hair, this way you can keep them healthy while also having an awesome look.

For those times that you don’t have a hair tie to put your hair up, don’t worry because we show you how you can do that just by using your fingers, you simply rotate your hair and flip them from the top just as we demonstrate in the video and voila.

If you wondering whether bangs will suit your face or it’s something that you would like to have we give you an idea. Bangs don’t always suit everyone and sometimes we might like them for a minute or two but then we hate them. So, in this video, we show you how you can add temporary hair bangs using hair extensions in order to style your hair and change your look if you would like that.

Watch our whole video to find out all of our amazing hair hacks as well as some tips and tricks to color your hair using colorful eyeshadow.

0:07 – Trendy hair hacks
3:01 – Simple hairstyles for long hair
5:59 – Super easy ways to style your hair
8:03 – Gorgeous hairstyle when you are in a rush
9:22 – Back to school hairstyle ideas
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