Amazing makeup hacks you’ll love to try

Hey girls, it can be quite hard to keep up all the things in our lives. For example, going through our daily skincare and makeup routine within a few minutes without the necessary makeup products. Or trying to find an outfit for a night out and for work that looks equally as elegant on both occasions. So, girls, don’t worry about founding a solution because I show you how to create your own beauty products and how to upgrade your wardrobe to match the latest fashion trends, and even how to save some money doing so.

The way you can do all these things is by repurposing old items you already have in your own home, you can use them to create your own new products or upgrade the old ones by following our step-by-step tutorials.

I show you how to create amazing Halloween makeup looks for a scary look, using glue, latex, and fake blood. For those of you who love lipsticks and fun experiment looks, I show you some cool tricks to re-create some. You can do an awesome Halloween lipstick look that will make you resemble a cartoon. Or you can try an animal print lipstick look just by using eyeliner.

Watch our whole video to find out all of our amazing makeup tutorials, and fun makeup tricks. Towards the end, I show you some brilliant DIY makeup products you can create at home.

0:07 – Tv and movie makeup tutorials
1:45 – How to create fake blood
2:48 – DIY face putty
4:54 – Amazing lipstick hacks
5:59 – Cartoon makeup look
7:02 – Awesome glitter lips
8:17 – How to contour your lips
10:14 – DIY fake freckles
12:27 – How to use baby powder in your makeup
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