DIY beauty hacks
​​It doesn’t take much search to find the best skincare products especially when the only place you have to find some ingredients in your kitchen. Natural products are perfect for the skin because they don’t contain harsh chemicals that may harm it. So, in this video, we have the best all natural skin care products that will revitalize your skin.

You can get rid of dark undereye by trying out this little hack. You grate a cucumber in a bowl and then you mash a banana. You mix the two together really well and then you pour the mixture in your ice cube tray. So, every morning you see those little monstery circles under your eyes, massage one of the cubes all around that area and see them disappearing in minutes.

You can remove dry mascara stains from your skin, or under your eyes by applying some lip balm on the area. This one is perfect, especially when you accidentally applying mascara on your skin, or you cried in a movie. The lip balm will act as an eye makeup remover and it will remove the stains in no time.

If you are in a situation where you need to iron your clothes urgently and you don’t have clothing iron try this little hack. Take a clean cooking pan and fill it with water. Then bring it to boil and start ironing your clothes with the heated cooking pan.

You can bring all your white clothes back to life using this little trick. Fill a plastic container with water and then add one cup of peroxide. Place your clothes in and let them sit there for 10 minutes. After that remove them, squeeze all the excess water out and wash them as usual. You will see that the will look so brand new, it’ll seem like you just bought them.

You can create your own peel-off face mask by using this little hack. In a glass bowl add one tablespoon of gelatin and one tablespoon of milk. Mix the two together with your spoon and then place the mixture in the microwave as we demonstrate in the video. Then, using a makeup brush apply the mixture on your face and let it sit there for at least 10 minutes. Finally, peel it off using your fingers and see the awesome results.

If you love coffee, then you will love this hack. You can create your own anti-oxidant face scrub by using old/used ground coffee and a tablespoon of coconut oil. This one is perfect to use once or twice a week to exfoliate your skin and get rid of dead skin cells.

Watch our whole video to discover many more amazing beauty hacks that will change your whole beauty regimen. For example, we have awesome teeth remedies to whiten and protect your teeth. We also have some great home workout sessions that will help you stay fit especially after the holidays. No equipment is needed, just your determination.
0:09 – Home remedy for dark circles
1:46 – Chapstick and mascara hack
2:26 – Bring your white clothes back to life
3:09 – DIY peel-off mask
3:51 – DIY face scrub
4:11 – Remedies for whiter teeth
5:37 – Best booty home workout
7:06 – Face yoga techniques
8:42 – How to make your hair lighter
8:53 – How to remove gum from hair
9:02 – How to remove blackheads
10:41 – How to lose belly fat
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