Amazing beauty tips and tricks

All of us are looking for ways to improve the way we look while still following the current beauty trends that circle around social media. Beauty is such a wide spectrum of things that require a lot of time and effort in order to look presentable especially on special occasions. It is the clothes we wear, the way we do our makeup flawlessly and our nails. So, in this video, we wanted to share with you some amazing beauty hacks that you can use every day in order to both looks and feel beautiful!

Having beautiful and well-presented nails is key especially when you are at work or have something important to attend, so we found some amazing DIY nail hacks that you can use every day in order to have a very well put-together appearance.
– We show you how to fix a broken nail using a tea bag and some super glue in order to avoid having to cut your nails altogether.
– We also show you an affordable way to give your nails a matte finished look using steam from boiling water.
– If you love cool party nails, we also share with you a cool method to create beautiful abstract looking nail design mixing some nail polish colors in a bowl of water.

Taking care of our skin is key when it comes to beauty especially when you wear makeup. Foundation and all makeup products clog our pores and prevent them from breathing properly so having a good skincare routine can balance things out. So, we show you some amazing beauty masks you can make with turmeric in order to take good care of your skin and give your face a glowy effect. In addition, we show you how you can use turmeric in order to whiten your teeth and remove yellow stains and plague that might have build up. You can use the beauty masks we show you to improve your pampering routine and try some of them at least once a week to maintain the glowy effects.

If your skin seems irritated and you noticed some pimples and acne appearing we also show you which herbal teas you need to use in order to improve the condition of your skin. You can use them to get rid of dark undereye circles, improve blood circulation and even get rid of acne and acne scars. These teas are natural and high in antioxidants so once you try them your skin will thank yours for it.

Of course, makeup hacks couldn’t miss from this video because makeup is key when it comes to beauty. So, we are sharing with you some amazing DIY products you can create in order to do your make up and experiment especially if you are a beginner. We show you how you can create your own mascara using eyeshadow and vaseline, we also show you the correct way to apply false eyelashes in order to make them look as natural as possible and we show you how to create your own washable makeup bag.

Watch our whole video to discover all of our beauty hacks in order to improve your pampering routine and treat your skin better.

0:06 – How to fix a broken nail
1:31 – DIY matte top coat
2:12 – Gradient nail design
3:22 – Beauty hacks with turmeric
4:30 – How to remove facial hair
5:35 – Mask for oily skin
6:40 – Color matching foundation
8:00 – DIY brow powder
9:31 – How to curl your eyelashes
10:01 – Razor hack
11:09 – DIY makeup bag
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