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We tend to neglect our skin during the summer, could be the holidays or just the fact that we are having so much fun at the beach! So in order to always be ahead of the game, I show you some amazing skincare hacks and DIYs that your skin will thank you for! I show you how to create your own face masks using natural ingredients from your kitchen and many other skin products!

A good beauty routine goes hand in hand with an awesome makeup routine! Your foundation, face powder, and eyeshadow will sit flawlessly on your skin! This way you can even achieve an even makeup look! I also show you some cool makeup tricks you haven’t seen before! For example how to apply a winged liner without much effort, how to create a cute makeup look using just lipstick, or even how to apply cute freckles!

However, let’s not forget your own DIY makeup products. It’s not always easy or convenient to run to the shops for a new mascara or brow powder when they’ve just run out. So, I show you how to create your own makeup items that you’ll need in your everyday beauty routine!

For those of you who love fashion and look to expand their craft skills! I demonstrate to you awesome tutorials on how to sew your old clothes and turn them into completely new items! You don’t need to buy new ones or wear clothes that no longer fit you when you can make your vintage outfits fit you like a glove!

And for all of us food lovers, who love hosting parties and creating new dishes, I show you some super easy recipes for beginners that will turn you into a true chef! You’ll only need some basic ingredients and your party foods will be ready!

0:07 – Funny things we all do sometimes
2:10 – When you see a cute guy
2:57 – Bloopers
3:22 – What happens when girls go out
5:12 – When your BFF asks you where you are
5:47 – When you apply eyeliner for the first time
7:25 – Huge makeup fails we’ve all experienced
9:18 – Struggles of wearing a lip-balm
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