Brilliant lifehacks every girl should know

If you love playing around with your overall image and you like to experiment with your appearance, then this video is for you! In this video, we show you some cool makeup hacks that will turn you into a true makeup artist as well as some clothing tips and tricks for your outfit ideas and inspiration.

Makeup is something that all of us girls love to experiment with and the more we do it them more knowledge we obtain on the subject. So in the first video compilation, we show you some cool makeup hacks to help you become better at makeup and rock your makeup look.
– You can use a teaspoon as a guide when applying your lipliner in order to make your lipstick look flawless.
– You can also use a spoon when applying mascara in order to prevent any products from getting on to your eyelids.

For those of you who love a good skincare routine with natural products, we show you how to create the best and most natural face mask using a rose. Simply take the rose petals off the rose and place them in a cooking pan filled with hot water. After that, remove from the fire and while the water is stil hot add one tablespoon of honey into the mixture. Allow it to cool down for a bit and finally apply the rose petals on your face as a facemask for 15-20 minutes.

Not only do we have some cool beauty hacks in this video, but we also have some amazing hacks you haven’t seen before using a microwave.
– We show you how to use the microwave to create your own cute jewelry out of plastic.
– We also show you a super easy recipe to make your own chocolate muffin using a coffee mug in just two minutes.
– You can also use the microwave to warm up some lemons in order to help them become ripe faster and get the most out of them.
– You can also use the microwave to dry your wet clothes. Just make sure you don’t use it more than 20 seconds at a time and make sure they are cotton clothes, not polyester otherwise the will catch fire.

Watch our whole video to discover all of our awesome DIY hacks that will completely change your life and make it easier. We show you how to re-invent your old clothes into new items, how to pick the perfect jeans and even how many different ways to you can use a shower cap.

0:06 – Cool girly makeup hacks
0:41 – Awesome DIY facemask
1:25 – Brilliant microwave hacks
3:52 – How to pick the perfect pair of jeans
6:17 – Turn your old clothes into new ones
7:25 – DIY jean bag
9:20 – How to get rid of sweat stains from your shirt
9:40 – Brilliant shower cap ideas
11:18 – Fashionable clothing hacks
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