Awesome clothing and styling tips

​Do you ever get tired of your old clothes and you are always looking for a way to rock a new style by repurposing your old clothes? Then this video was made for you! We demonstrate awesome styling tips that various clothing hacks in order to inspire your new look!

We all have that one dated sweater that seems old but we still love! So, in the first video, we show you a different way to wear your favorite sweater and turn it into a sexy backless t-shirt using a hoop earring!

All girls love high heeled and high thigh sexy boots for their nigh outs, but if you don’t have a pair at hand instead of purchasing them you can actually create your own! Take a pair of black high heels and then wear a pair of black socks on top! Pierce the socks with the back of your heel and voila! The best part about this is that they won’t be slipping from your leg like regular boots because you will be wearing your high thigh socks!

Sometimes stains can be very difficult to remove from our favorite clothes, so sometimes we have to re-invent our clothes by cutting them! For example, we show you a very adorable interesting idea on how to turn a men’s shirt into a cute summery girly skirt that you can wear anywhere! You simply cut the shirt from the chest down, add an elastic clothing stripe all around the edge and on top, sew it on top and voila!

There are so many different ways to wear a men’s shirt and turn your self into a fashion icon! But did you know that you can wear your scarfs as t-shirts as well! You can put your scarf as a fancy crop top! You can wear it as a wide sleeve bohemian t-shirt you can wear your scarf as a dress or even a shirt!

Hoodies are a huge part of our wardrobe! They are the most comfortable pieces of clothing out there! So these hoodie hack ideas are ideal for you! We show you how to turn your hoodie into a laptop bag, you can embed your favorite drink into your hoodie and enjoy it at work or in class! However, the best hack we have is how to turn a blanket into a fluffy hooded dress for all the cozy nights in!

Watch our whole video to discover all the amazing clothing DIY hacks and different ways to wear and style your clothes! We also show you awesome ways to fix your clothes as well as some cleaning tips!
0:06 – How to turn a cardigan into a backless t-shirt
0:31 – DIY high heeled boots
0:47 – Turn a shirt into a skirt
1:19 – How to turn a scarf into a clothing item
2:29 – How to turn your hoodie into a laptop bag
4:18 – Turn a blanket into a cozy snuggle
5:09 – How to unshrink clothes
5:31 – How to fix your sweater
5:41 – Pants zipper hack
6:17 – Nail polish clothing hack
6:33 – How to fix your hoodie
7:10 – How to take your shirt off
7:21 – How to remove wax stains
8:46 – Bra hack for a backless dress
9:08 – How to turn a shirt into a cardigan

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