Brilliant skincare hacks

Having clear skin is something that all of us girls strive for, especially towards the end and during our teenage years when our skin is suffering the most. Sometimes because of hormonal changes, some other times because of our genes and our environment. In this video, we wanted to share with you some amazing skincare tips and tricks which you can incorporate in your pampering routine in order to get a glowy skin. We show you some amazing DIY facemasks that you can create using all natural products and some makeup DIYs to incorporate in your makeup routine.

In the first video section, we show you some amazing lemon uses for your skin.
– You can use a slice of lemon under your armpits as a deodorant alternative. (Just make sure you don’t use it right after shaving)
– If you’ve accidentally got some ink stains on your hands, you can remove them with lemon juice.
– You can use lemons to treat dry heals.

– In addition, we have an amazing DIY beauty recipe for hair removal. This one is great because it is absolutely painless and it requires no tools. In a mixing bowl add two tablespoons of baking soda, one tablespoon of coconut oil and some lemon juice. Mix the ingredients all together until they become a thick paste and apply the mixture under your armpits. Finally, remove using a bathroom towel when the mixture dries.

– Are your struggling with stretch marks due to pregnancy? Then, we have the best natural remedy for you. Peel a few Aloe Vera leaves and then mix them with some coconut oil. Apply the mixture on your stomach every day and see the results in three months.

– If you are suffering from those annoying undereye circles, we have a brilliant hack for you. The ingredients you’ll be using are all natural and you will see instant results. Grate one cucumber and then transfer it into a mixing bowl. Then, mash half a banana and add it into your bowl. Mix the two ingredients together really well and then transfer the mixture into an ice tray and put it in the freezer. Then, whenever you wake up and you notice some dark undereye circles on puffiness just take one ice cube out of the freezer and massage under your eyes.

0:06 – Brilliant lemon hacks
0:44 – DIY hair removal gel
1:23 – How to get rid of stretch marks
2:44 – Brilliant undereye circles remedy
3:36 – Hair growth serum
4:43 – DIY peel-off lipstick
5:27 – How to eliminate large pores
6:05 – Oily skin natural face mask
7:10 – Foundation hack
7:53 – How to eliminate pale skin
8:44 – Teeth whitening remedy
9:17 – Brilliant hair mask
10:01 – DIY body scrub
10:16 – DIY stripless wax
11:40 – How to remove blackheads
13:05 – Moisturizing bars
15:05 – DIY Lipbalm
15:56 – Cool makeup brush cleaner

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