Amazing skincare tips for your pampering routine

Taking good care of our skin is vital especially as we grow older. Every year we collagen production is minimized by 1%, so the older we grow the more we need to do to maintain beautiful glowy skin. So, in this video, we wanted to share with you some cool and amazing hacks that will help maintain healthy looking skin and we show you how you can create your own skincare products.

In the first video, we show you how you can create an awesome peel-off mask using all natural products you already have in your kitchen. In a bowl ass a cup of milk, some honey, one cup of gelatin and finally some turmeric. Apply the mixture on your nose or T-zone where most of the clogged pores are, let it sit there until it is completely dry and peel it off.

If you’ve woken up with some dark undereye circles or puffy eyes the answer is coffee. And, no don’t drink it, here is what you need to do. Dip two cotton pads in some black coffee and then place them underneath your eyes. Let them sit there for 10 minutes and voila!

Stripless wax was taken over the world of hair removal, not only because it is painless but it also prevents hair from growing back fast. Since purchasing stripless wax bids can be expensive, we found the best way for you to create your own using sugar, honey, and lemon.

For a perfect glowy skin effect, we show you how to create your own face mask using honey and chamomile tea. In a large pan add some chamomile tea and then add some honey on top. Then dip a perfectly cut spring roll paper into the mixture until it absorbs most of the liquid and places it on your face. After that, wait for it to act within 10-15 minutes and remove.

Watch our whole video to see all of our DIY skincare products that can change your life and your beauty routine.

0:07 – Natural beauty ideas
1:06 – How to make your own stripless wax
2:24 – How to cure flaky skin
2:46 – How to treat hair loss at home
4:28 – How to get rid of acne
5:57 – Cool makeup freckles
7:12 – How to dye your hair extensions
9:17 – Get rid of pale lips
11:18 – Homemade beauty recipes
13:18 – Get rid of puffy eyes
16:37 – DIY blackhead remover
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