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It is very easy for us to hoard clothes by accident and never get rid of them. It’s like we purchase something and then we completely forget all about it, so, at the end of the day, we are left with just a bunch of clothing items that we no longer have use for…until now. In this video, show you some cool and awesome hacks that you can try and that are true life-savers for the whole family. We show you how to repurpose old clothes, decorate your plain t-shirts and many more.

For those of you who have a lot of old shirts that you are looking to get rid off. Try out our sewing hacks that will help you turn them into something completely new and upgrade your wardrobe for free.
– We show you how to shorten a shirt in order to prevent it from being too revealing
– We show you how to turn a regular sweater into a super cute turtle neck simply by sewing another piece of fabric on the inside of it.
– We also show you how to stitch your clothes in such a way that the thread is invisible.

If you have some pairs of jeans that got damaged beyond repair and you are looking for ways to repurpose them into something completely new and fashionable we show you the way.
– We show you how you can use different colored jeans and turn them into a super cute throw pillow for your couch.
– We also show you how to turn your jeans into a super cute jeans skirt that you can wear out for coffee especially during springtime.
– We also show you how to make your own button for your trousers simply by dressing a coin in some jean fabric and then turning it into a temporary button.

In this video, we also have some cool hacks in order to help you save your clothes and prevent you from getting rid of them, especially when they are very mildly damaged.
– We show you how to fix worn out sleeve cuffs using a pair of socks.
– We also show you how to fix a tear in your shirt, simply by turning it inside out and sewing it from the inside.

Watch our whole video to find out all of our brilliant clothing hacks to turn yours into a fashion and sewing expert. We also show you how to decorate your shirts, how to use embroidery art to fix your old clothes and give them some color as well.

0:06 – How to repurpose your clothes into new ones
1:31 – DIY jean throw pillow
4:08 – Sewing hacks to save your clothes
5:56 – DIY sewing traveling kit
7:31 – 5 easy ways to transform your shirts
8:03 – Cute sleeveless summer shirt
11:13 – Interesting shirt hacks
13:16 – Space saving folding hacks
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