​Brilliant tricks and pranks for your best friends

Do you ever wonder what would friendships be like if we didn’t have the banter with our friends, where we usually tease and prank each other over the littlest things? Well, in this video that is what we are doing. We wanted to help you have some fun with your friends and help you come up with brilliant and hilarious pranks that will help you remember those fun times forever.

We’ve all seen those amazing images on social media where someone is holding someone else’s hand while they are setting off towards the sunset. But not everyone has a significant other to showcase on social media, so in this video, we show you how to re-create a realistic photoshoot using a hand from a mannequin so that you can post it on social media an impress your friends as well as get many likes of course.

If you would like to prank your friends and let them know that you are taking a long trip to a different country by plane, we show you how to use a fabric softener container and when you film it up close from an angle, it looks identical to an Airbus window.

For those of you who would like to take their Instagram photos and video to the next level and get more engagement as well as follows on their accounts, we show you some fun yet intriguing filming hacks.
– We show you how you can merge two videos together in such a way that it creates the illusion that you jumped in another dimension.
– We show you how you can also create an illusion that there is upside down world simply by doing a post collage and flipping your phone just as we demonstrate in the video.
– In addition, we show you how you can master the art of panorama and make it look like there are 5 of your in one photo while in reality there is a lot less.

Watch our whole video to see all of our amazing and brilliant trick shots we show you. You can also get ideas for you and your friends on how you can prank them with silly things.

0:31 – I am on a plane
1:17 – FLying stop motion
2:18 – The car dancing Instagram challenge
3:31 – How to pose for the camera
3:45 – Perfect panoramic shots
4:37 – Giant coke bottle trick shot
5:18 – Poses for hourglass figures
6:50 – Stepping on cans of coke
7:52 – Brilliant falling phone trick
9:22 – Make your hips look bigger
12:31 – Brilliant plus size girls hacks
14:52 – Awesome face contouring
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