When expectations never meet reality

Hey girls, have you ever been in a situation that was so relatable it seemed like a cliche? Well, I know the feeling. So, in this video, I bring to you some funny and hilarious fails you haven’t seen before.
– When you wear heels, you expect to walk like a queen and you do…but just for a few minutes. Then, the pain gets real and you walk like you are walking with needles on your feet.
– When you are cooking something for the first time and you expect it to be delicious, but then it either gets burned or it’s raw.
– Have you ever been to the hairdressers, asked for a trim and you ended up with a bob cut? Well, all of us have at some point.
– Not everyone is a morning person, and mostly all of us fail to wakeup all hyped to go to work. Especially when we set an alarm to wake up. So, I show you a weekly compilation of morning fails that you most certainly experienced at least once every week.
– We all feel extremely unlucky from time to time. For example, when you wait for the delivery all day, and the delivery man arrives when you are in the bathroom. Or, when you make toast for breakfast and it falls on the floor butter-face-down.
– Watch until the end to find out some clips I have for you where they show how unrealistic some social media posts are.

0:07 – Expectations vs reality
0:15 – Ordering things online
2:17 – Pajama party
3:43 – When you are not a morning person
6:51 – When you are way too unlucky
10:30 – Instagram vs reality
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