​​Amazing beauty DIYs

Beauty has been in our lives from the time that makeup was invented and there are a lot of things that one can do to make their skin sparkle. So, in this video, we wanted to share with your some amazing DIY beauty hacks that will make your skin look like porcelain.

– To prevent your eyeshadow from being smudged, use a cut-out of a sanitary pad and apply it right under your eyes. When you apply your eye makeup, all the fallout will be on the pad instead of on your skin.

– In order to plug your eyebrows, we show you an awesome hack using ice-cubes. You simply, put some ice cubes on your brows a few minutes before plugging your brows in order to numb the area. This way you’ll be able to remove all the unwanted hair painlessly.

– If you are looking for a way to shave your legs but you don’t have any shaving cream, then you can use a hair conditioner. The hair conditioner will prevent your newly shaved legs from becoming too dry and it will also moisturize them.

– We also demonstrate an awesome way to make your own traveling makeup removing cotton pads. You simply add a few cotton pads in a mason jar and then you pour some makeup remover inside. All the cotton pads will absorb the liquid and you can then use them to remove your makeup.

– In addition to those, we also give out our very special body scrub recipe that you’ll fall in love with especially since it contains all natural ingredients. In a glass bowl add some coarse sea salt. Then, add one cup of olive oil, and then one tablespoon of orange zest. Finally, you add two tablespoons of lemon juice and you mix them all together. After that, you place your scrub in a mason jar and keep it in your shower or on your bathroom sink to apply whenever you feel like naturally exfoliating your skin.

– Are you looking for a way to make your own stripless wax because the store bought ones are ridiculously expensive? Then we have the best recipe for you. It is all natural ingredients and it will help you remove all the unwanted hair on your skin painlessly. In a boiling pan, add one cup of sugar, one fourth a cup of water and one-fourth cup of lemon juice. You mix all the ingredients together in your pan and bring to boil for 5-7 minutes. Then you let your mixture sit there for 10 – 20 minutes to let it cool down before applying it on your skin. After that, you pour your mixture into a container and you can start waxing right away.

Watch our whole video to discover many more amazing DIY beauty hacks to try out this new year and new ways to treat your skin to make it nice and glowy.
1:15 – Makeup removing pads DIY
3:29 – DIY stripless wax
4:43 – DIY blackhead removing mask
5:40 – Cool face cleansing hack
7:14 – Flat belly exercise
9:01 – Contouring hack
9:32 – DIY rose pedals face mask
10:51 – Stretch marks hack
12:15 – Remove dark undereye circle hack
13:04 – Cool hair serum
14:59 – Remove enlarged pores
16:14 – DIY lip balm

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