Amazing hacks for when you are in a relationship with someone

Being in a relationship with someone you love is not an easy task, especially when this is a long term relationship. Sometimes, the magic fades, some other times, it feels like they are taking too long to propose. Or some other times, you want to wake up next to the person you love and look as gorgeous as the day they met you so you want to look your best before they wake up. No matter the case, in this video we are sharing with you some relationship lifehacks that will make your life better and help your relationship last.

– In the first video section, we show you what it’s truly like living with your boyfriend, and all boyfriends can confirm that for some reason they find their girlfriends hair everywhere. Not just in their food, they find them in their newly washed clothes, drawers, closets, in their socks and pretty much in all unexpected places that you can imagine.
– That goes both ways, when boys constantly find hair pretty much everywhere in the house, then girls find socks everywhere in the house. The funny part is, that boyfriend never runs out of socks even when they are spread all over the house.
– Have you ever checked out how many clothes you have and then how many clothes your partner has. Usually, guys tend to wear their favorite suit pretty much everywhere they go. While girls have a different outfit for any occasion, such as a wedding, cocktail party, christening, nightclub, family dinner, dinner with boyfriend, etc.
– Guys tend to be a little bit overdramatic when they get the flu and they feel like they might be dying. On the other hand, girls don’t like to feel sorry for themselves any even when they burning up from fever, they would still go out or do what they have to do in order to never let a sickness ruin their day.

Watch our whole video to find out all of the funny and relatable situations that we all encounter in our relationships, for example, what a couples morning routine looks like and the difference between being in a new relationship and being in a longterm one.

0:07 – Cute little love potion craft
0:58 – What it’s like living together
1:35 – Differences in wardrobe
3:25 – Packing for a trip
4:46 – Taking a shower
6:45 – Being in a relationship 1 month vs 1 year
10:02 – Cooking for your loved one
10:46 – Arguing
11:11 – Rules of etiquette in public places
13:48 – Best family memory ideas
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