Awesome tricks on beauty and health

We know how important health is and it goes hand in hand with beauty as well. The phrase “you are what you eat” means exactly that. But it works the opposite way as well. You can use healthy foods to make your own beauty products and face masks. In this video, we have amazing DIY for nails, to awesome hacks about your period and makeup tips.

If you notice that you are having undereye circles and your eyes are becoming puffier over time, we have the solution to your problem. You can try this awesome homemade undereye mask. Grate a whole cucumber in a bowl, and then add half a banana. Mix them all together really well and then pour it into an ice tray. Put the mixture in the freezer and let it sit there for a few hours until it becomes solid. Finally, take one ice-cube out and massage under and over your eyes. This will eliminate dark circles and reduce puffiness.

Another amazing hack we have here is how to make your own nail polish remover. This one is great because we are using the sponge technique which means you will not be wasting any cotton pads or cotton balls everytime you want to remove your nail polish. Here is how you do it: you simply take a few cleaning sponges and stuff them into a mason jar. ( make sure you fill the jar completely, just like we demonstrate in the video). After that, pour some nail polish remover on top to soak up the sponges. Finally, just dip your polished finger in the jar and see the results.

We know the struggle every girl goes through when she gets her period, so we were able to create some amazing hacks for you that will stop your suffering. For example, you can clean blood stains by dipping your clothes in cold water and while they are still wet you can add some hydrogen peroxide. This happens because blood has the catalase enzyme, which attacks hydrogen peroxide and turns it into the water. If you don’t have hydrogen peroxide, you can add one tablespoon of salt into a water container, dip your clothes in and let them soak overnight. Salt acts as an absorbent and it will remove the blood by the next day. We also have an awesome exercise you can do laying down to help you relieve your period pain. Watch the full video to see some more amazing period hacks.

In addition to all these, makeup hacks wouldn’t be missing from this video. We show you how to create your own makeup brush cleaner by using hot glue and a clipboard. and after you clean your makeup, we demonstrate the correct way to dry them – which is by hanging them upside down. This technique will prevent water from getting into your brushes bristles and lift the glue causing them to get destroyed.
0:09 – DIY under eye treatment
0:58 – Awesome eye-exercises
2:49 – DIY nail polish remover
3:24 – Period hacks
4:26 – DIY heating pad
5:42 – Improve your posture
6:26 – Makeup brush cleaner
7:18 – How to get rid of double chin
8:04 – Chapstick hacks
8:47 – Awesome hair hacks
9:19 – DIY hair mask
10:31 – DIY nail design
11:22 – Bra hacks

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