Beauty situations that all girls can relate

Hey girls, have you ever tried wearing heels to look nice and a few minutes later you couldn’t even walk? If this happened to you, then you know what I am talking about.
– When you like lipstick so much, you ended up to put it all over your skin.
– Or, when you just applied fake tan and then you start crying while watching a movie.
– Of course, we can’t forget the beauty version of the expectations vs reality situation, just as I show you in the video. When you try to achieve the perfect heatless curls on your hair, and it ends up in disaster.
– Have you ever tried to apply fake eyelashes and then you ended up gluing your eyes together?
– For the fellow foodies out here, I show you some food fails that you definitely encountered. For example, when you try to cook spinach and it gets so small that you can hardly see it.
– If you are not a morning person, then you’ll definitely relate the last part of the video. I show you how us early working birds struggle to stay awake.

0:07 – Beauty is pain
2:12 – The struggle of having long nails
4:09 – When you have a crush on food
5:14 – The spinach meme
6:21 – Never forget the bacon
7:16 – Unlucky or Clumsy
9:11 – When you love cookies too much
10:37 – Me in the morning
11:40 – Trying to stay awake in a meeting
13:06 – Every Monday morning
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