​Hilarious situations that scream “been there”.

In this video, we share with you some funny situations that will make you relate for good. We show you some expectations vs reality instances as well as funny things we’ve all been through.
– When you train at the gym and you expect everything to go as they do in the movies like in reality you sweat like crazy, your muscles ache and you get muscle spasms.
– When you are wearing heels and you expect to walk perfectly when in reality you can hardly walk without falling down.
– When you expect to get the best haircut at the hair salon with just a trim and they end up cutting more than half of your hair length.

0:07 – Expectations vs reality
3:43 – Unlucky me
7:13 – The difference between men and women
12:13 – There are two types of girls
17:59 – Funny things about pregnancy
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