How our phones changed our lives

Ok folks, we now know that we have new and cool foldable phones with those squared screens and the multiple cameras on the bag. Truth be told, phones are getting more and more advanced these days, it’s hard to live without them. So, in this video, we are taking a small trip down memory lane to remember what our life was before we owned a cool phone.- For example, before google maps and GPS, we used to carry a giant old map with us to find the location we needed. And if we were lost, other people would come read the map with us to point us to the right direction.
– Or when we used to call to our friends from our giant home phone with the curly wires. We used to be on those phones for hours chatting. Now we have the video call option or texting. Hardly ever anyone just calls their friends on the phone without a camera. It’s just bizarre- If you were a proud owner of a Nokia 3310, you know that those bad boys could break bricks. I mean they’d fall out of your hands, hit the pavement and break the pavement. Now, if you were to drop your lovely iPhone, you start to cry before it even hits the floor.
– Back then, it was easy to meet people outside. You just went to the park, sit on the bench, and your book, or whatever activity you did would spark conversation. Now, we have tinder.

1:05 – Dating: Then and Now
2:19 – Taking pictures: Then and now
3:45 – Sleeping with your partner: Then and now
4:01 – Rating messages using emojis
5:08 – How to type with one hand
5:44 – Night Vision mode
6:16 – How to read messages without being seen
6:54 – Social media VS real life
9:37 – Pretending to have a boyfriend
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