Hack for that time of the month

We’ve all been there and I sympathize with you girls. So, in this video, I wanted to share with you some amazing lifehacks that will help you during those painful times.
– To get rid of stomach cramps, mix some parsley and cherry juice in a cup filled with hot water.
– You can get rid of blood stains by pouring some coke on your clothes.
– We show you how you can mix different essential oils together in order to get rid of a painful headache.
– We show you how to make your own hot-water bottle using a sock and some rice.

0:07 – How to survive your period
1:38 – How to get rid of a headache
2:59 – How to get rid of acne
4:02 – When you try to apply makeup
7:21 – How to survive using a pantyliner
10:53 – Cool hacks for that time of the month
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