Hilarious relationship situations we’ve all been through

Hey guys, being in a relationship is not always easy, but it sure is fun and hilarious. So, in this video, I am showing you some truths that you can definitely relate to.
– I show you the difference between a new relationship and an older relationship. For example, when you fight for things to change at the beginning but then you are tired so you let them slide. Or when you go out dancing in clubs when you are you and as you get older you become more romantic.
– Or the times that you fight for the blanket when you both go to bed, but then, when you grow old, you seek to cover each other up so that you don’t get cold.
– I also show you some real-life struggles you can relate to. For example, when you have extra long nail extensions and your everyday life becomes more and more difficult.
– Or when you try to put on fake eyelashes to make you look gorgeous and you end up sticking your lashes on your eyelids.

:0:07 – Fighting 1 year vs 40 years
0:48 – Eating together
1:25 – Shopping
2:12 – Sharing a blanket
5:08 – Homelife together
5:49 – Girl struggles you can relate to
8:18 – Picking a lipstick shade
9:27 – Hacks that only food lovers can relate to
11:23 – Free food

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