Makeup tips that will change your life

With all those makeup looks going all around the internet it can be hard to keep up and find the best tricks on how to perfect your makeup skills, especially if you are a beginner. That’s why we created this video to show you amazing makeup hacks that will change your life, look and save you money. In the video, we included amazing tricks to re-use old makeup, fix broken makeup and invent new ones without spending a dime.

If you don’t have a brow gel and you need one urgently, we have this little trick on how to make your own brow gel in just a few minutes. In a small traveling container, add some pure aloe vera gel and scrape some eyeshadow that matches your brow hair color. Mix the two together in your container really well and there you have it. Apply it on your brows using a clean mascara wand. You can also do different colors especially if you are trying other eyebrow colors for different makeup looks.

If you are short of makeup brushes and you would like to highlight and contour try this little hack. Take your regular powder brush and add two bobby pins on both sides so that the bristles get all squeezed together- this will make your brush thinner on the sides. You can apply your contouring powder perfectly on your cheeks and then you can also adjust it to highlight your cheekbones as well.

Did your foundation almost run out and you need to do your makeup urgently? Then, you can re-create your own. Take the lid off your foundation bottle and squeeze inside some of your face moisturizer. Then, close the lid and shake your makeup bottle well so that the cream gets mixed with the foundation color. This way you’ll create your own light coverage foundation that you can use for your natural/day makeup when you don’t want to do a full face of makeup.

Another hack you can create is the adjustable makeup brush. This is ideal for when you are traveling and you don’t want to take a bunch of makeup brushes with you when you can take an eye makeup brush. The only thing you’ll need for this one is a small rubber braid band. Take your fluffy brush, and tie the rubber band all around it in order to adjust it into a thinner brush for applying eyeshadow to the crease. Then, you can bring the rubber band higher on the bristles to adjust it to blend eyeliner/shadow when you are going for a smokey makeup look. You can also adjust it even more for highlighting your brow bone. So, as you can see from the video you can create a whole smokey eye look by using just one adjustable brush.

If your mascara is completely dry and you are struggling to get any product out of the mascara container try this little hack. Take your mascara wand out, and add a few drops of lens solution into your mascara. Then close it again and shake well until the lens solution gets distributed and mixed with the mascara liquid. You’ll see that the lens solution will help your mascara become more liquidy again and you’ll be able to use it plenty of times instead of throwing it away.
0:07 – DIY brow gel
0:33 – Matching eyeliner and lipstick
0:51 – DIY contouring + highlighting brush
1:17 – Fix smudged lipstick
1:40 – Foundation hack
1:57 – Adjustable eyeshadow brush
2:35 – DIY beauty blender
3:01 – Dry mascara hack
3:20 – DIY lip balm with flower
3:46 – DIY lip-gloss palette
4:12 – DIY rainbow highlighter
4:45 – Empty lipgloss hack
5:05 – DIY glitter eyeshadow
5:43 – Magnetic makeup organizer / display
6:29 – How to fix broken makeup powder

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