Brilliant clothing DIY hacks

For those of you who love fashion and get tired of the same clothes and outfits all the time, we have the best video for you. In this video compilation, we are sharing with you some brilliant DIY clothing hacks that will turn your boring outfits into beautiful styling masterpieces by doing minor adjustments to them. You can get inspiration in our video for your new style, or find a new way to decorate and wear your clothes for both school and work.

– A new way to style your old clothes.
If you have a jean jacket laying around but you no longer wear because it has been damaged, try out this little hack we have for you. We demonstrate a brilliant way to give your jacket a second life without spending a penny. Here is what you need to do: take your sewing scissors and cut the jacket at places where it is sewn just as we de in the video. Then, take your favorite type of transparent lace and using hot glue, flip your jacket inside out and stick the lace on top and Voila. A beautiful DIY jean jacket that you can wear anywhere and look like a fashion icon.

– We also demonstrate a really cute way to turn your boring long t-shirt into a beautiful skirt with pockets that you can wear casually when you go out for coffee or if you are spending the day at the beach. Watch your video to see the full step-by-step demonstration.

– In addition, we show you brilliant jean hacks on how to turn your old jeans into brand new ones with some style. We show you how to take an old pair of jeans and cut it and then remove the threads to make it look like its split, or we show you a beautiful way to decorate your summer jean shorts by removing the inside pockets and replacing them with some lace.

– For those of you who love a backless shirt that you can wear anywhere, we have the best hack for you. Take an old boring t-shirt you are no longer wearing and cut the sleeves off. Then, take flip it on the back and using some chalk, draw the outline of a heart with rectangular pockets in the middle just as we demonstrate in the video. Then using scissors cut the pockets off and stretch the material as much as you can. Finally, wear your lovely shirt and voila. This one is perfect on a beautiful summers day out and your back will look like angel’s wings.

– If you have a pair of pantyhose that seem too basic and you are looking for a way to make them more fun, then try out this little hack. Place a glass vase or a drinking glass inside your pantyhose and using a sharpie start drawing on them. You can draw little kitties, lace patterns, snakes or whatever you like. Then, remove the glass vase from the tights and voila. You can wear them with your skirt to give that little extra interesting look.

Watch our whole video to discover many different ways to re-use your old clothes and turn them into something that you’d love to wear. In addition, we share with you some ways to fix your old clothes and some sewing hacks that you might find useful.
0:13 – DIY lace jean jacket
1:51 – Short jeans hack
2:17 – Backless angel t-shirt
3:07 – Kitty tights trick
3:57 – How to fix your flip flops
4:57- How to fix ripped jeans
6:07 – Skirt trick
7:11 – Cute skirt hack for girls
7:33 – Rainbow Tights

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