Amazing hair hacks to try this year

Hair is the definition of beauty and sometimes we struggle with our hair, in fact, we are never satisfied with the way they look. Some days our hair is too dry and we try our best to hydrate them, some other days they get too oily and we try to make them appear less oily. Someone can say that out hair has a mind of their own and it makes it difficult for us to find the perfect way to work with them.

Flawless looking hair is the ultimate beauty dream and with this video, that’s what we aim to do – help you get the hairstyle of your dreams using these awesome hacks. Are you tired of doing the same hairstyles over and over again? Well, we have the solution. In this video, we show you different ways to style short hair using minimum to no heat. We also have amazing ways to style long hair and medium length hair and how to make your own hair accessories. Sometimes taking care of your hair is difficult and we found affordable ways to help your hair become shinier and thicker by using homemade hair masks and oils.

Are your struggling to french braid your hair? Here is what you can do, instead of partying your hair three ways, you can part it two ways. That will make it less confusing. Then, bring each piece underneath the previous piece of hair by collecting some more hair from the sides. It will look almost identical to a french braid but more fun and swirly. We also have an awesome school-girl hairstyle. You part your hair in half and take half of the hair from the top of your head and you put it into a hair tie. Then, you do the same on the other side. Finally, you swirl them around your hair ties and secure them with a bobby pin at the back and voila.

Another awesome hairstyle idea we have is how to make a 5 part braid instead of a regular three-part braid. First, you part your hair 5-ways. Then, starting from the middle you cross each piece of hair underneath to bring it all to the opposite side, then you do the same with the other hair pieces. Watch the video for the demonstration and you would want to try it right away.
If you have gum on your hair we found an awesome way to remove it without having to cut it. You simply put some cold soda in a glass bowl and then you let your hair sit there for a few seconds. You will see that the soda will start lifting the gum off your hair.

Are you looking for the best DIY conditioning hair mask, then look no further than this video. In a bottle mix some castor oil, some avocado oil, and some coconut, finally shake the bottle really well and there you have it.
– Castor oil is perfect for making your hair grow faster
– Avocado oil nourishes your hair
– Coconut oil conditions your hair.
You can use this miraculous mask to grow your eyelashes or eyebrows as well.
0:10 – Easy short hairstyles
3:18 – Amazing 5 part braid
3:47 – Awesome braided bun
4:18 – Spider Hair
4:48 – Long hairstyle with bows
5:44 – Easy love heart hairstyle
6:33 – How to remove gum from hair
6:52 – DIY hair growth serum
7:36 – DIY hair accessories
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