Amazing tricks that will make you more beautiful

Beauty is not just about the way we look. It is about our whole existence. How we feel deep down inside and how we respond to our environment. There is a saying to goes “in order to be beautiful, you have to feel beautiful”. So, in this video, we prepared a list of amazing life-hacks for your appearance that will boost your confidence, make you feel cleaner, improve your look and boost your confidence. We show you an all natural way to whiten your teeth and even how to make your own skincare products such as a whitehead or a blackhead remover. We also show you some amazing clothing hacks if you are looking for a way to upgrade your wardrobe or improve your current one. Watch until the end to see some cool face yoga exercises we prepared for you that work wonders with antiaging.

Having a beautiful smile stands out in the crowd, and sometimes we don’t feel very proud of the way our teeth look. Not because we don’t take good care of them but because we tend to drink such huge amounts of coffee and tea that we tend to stain them. So, in this video, we have an amazing DIY teeth whitening recipe that you can do from home in order to remove yellow stains from your teeth and make them whiter without having to damage the enamel with whitening gels. In a mixing bowl add two teaspoons of baking soda and then some toothpaste. Mix the two together and then take a piece of kitchen foil, scoop some of your mixtures on it and then place it on your teeth as we demonstrate in the video. Let is sit there for a few minutes and remove and finally rinse your mouth with water!

One of the most common places we girls get blackheads and whiteheads it’s on our nose and the surrounding area. This is because our pores on in that area are more enlarged and they produce more oil. So, in this video, we show you a cool way to get rid of blackheads by creating your own peel-off mask! You simply mix some PVA glue with activated charcoal and once it becomes a paste you add it on your nose. The once it dried remove and you can see all the blackheads and whiteheads on the stripe you just peeled.

In this video, we also show you some clothing hacks that you do in order to give your clothes a second life. We show you how to turn a maxi skirt into a beautiful spring or summer dress that you can wear out for coffee and style it with a cute brown belt. We also show you how to turn an old pair of leggings into a cute crop top that you can wear at the gym for your regular workout. You simply cut off the edges of the legs so that you can use them as sleeves and then you cut the rise off to turn it into a shirt. Then you can put it on and voila!

For those of you who are obsessed with shoes (we all are), we show you some brilliant shoe hacks that you will absolutely fall in love with. We demonstrate a step by step tutorial on how to turn your canvas shoes into Goretex shoes without spending a huge amount of money on purchasing a spray. You simply rub a tea candle on them and then using a blowdryer you melt it on the shoes. The candle will penetrate the little breathable holes on the shoes and it will prevent any liquid to penetrate. This way you’ll keep your shoes clean and you won’t have to worry about staining them.

Watch our whole video to discover all of our amazing beauty hacks that will benefit you a lot and give you the inspiration to stay motivated and healthy in your beauty routine. We show you some brilliant face yoga exercises to reverse aging skin and lift your face and eyes as well as tighten your cheeks. In addition, we show you some cool leg workouts that will give you a thigh gap and tone your legs as well.

0:07 – How to naturally whiten your teeth
0:36 – DIY blackhead remover
1:32 – DIY face wash
1:44 – Cool clothing hacks for everyday
2:58 – Turn a men’s shirt into a skirt
3:19 – Beautiful rainbow tights
4:34 – Brilliant Cleaning hack
5:32 – Amazing shoe hacks
5:59 – DIY waterproof canvas shoes
6:18 – How to clean your sneakers
7:12 – How to clean your suede shoes
7:31 – Face yoga – anti-aging
8:08 – Facelift exercise
8:47 – How to make your cheeks firm
9:32 – How to get rid of dry heels
9:53 – How to clean dirty makeup brushes
10:08 – How to get a thigh gap
11:09 – How to tone your thighs – workout

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