Easy nail design ideas

When it comes to nails and nail art, everyone is looking for new ways to decorate their nails. Let’s face a solid nail color is old new and with nail artists all over social media showing us their marvelous creations; we all want to get into that nail design trend. Whether you are a professional nail technician or you are looking for ways to try out new nail designs for you and your friends, you will love this video compilation. We are sharing with you beautiful and easy nail hacks to try out if you are a beginner with nails and you are looking for a way to rock your new look.

– If you are looking to experiment and try the gradient nail polish method then try out our little hack.
Take a piece of sponge and then pick three of your favorite nail polish colors. Then, draw 3 straight lines with those colors on your sponge (one below the other) and start tapping it on each one of your fingers nails. Tap it in such a way so that the nail polish colors begin to blend together on your nail. After that, let the nail polish dry and then using a q-tip, dip it in some nail polish remover, clean the edges and voila!

– DIY matte manicure
Matte manicure is the new nail trend and it is actually very beautiful to have. However, it is quite pricy. So, in this video, we share with you an awesome way to achieve the matte nail polish look without spending a penny. Paint your nails with your regular nail polish and then boil some water in a cooking pan. After the water starts steaming from the pan, place your nail close to the steam before they dry. The nail polish will absorb the steam while curing and it will dry matte. In addition, we show you how to achieve that using cornstarch. Watch our video to see the full demonstration.

– How to achieve the water marble manicure
This one is the most fun nail design to create for both professionals and amateurs because it resembles a beautiful abstract piece of art that you can create on water surface. Here is how to do it. Firstly, take some PVA glue and cover the area around your nails. Then fill a glass bowl with water and pick three of your favorite nail polish colors. After that, add one dot of each color in the water (one dot inside the other) and then take a sewing pin and manipulate the water and the design so that it resembles the texture of marble. Finally, dip your finger inside the design and it will all stick on your nails. Then, peel off the PVA glue and voila.

– How to fix your broken nail
Accidentally breaking your nail can be every girl’s nightmare, especially when she is working really hard to grow out her nails. So, in this video, we share with you an awesome way to fix your broken nails without having to cut it. Take a new teabag and cut a small square out of it. Then, paint your nails with clear nail polish and using your tweezers apply the tea bag square on your nails. Then, apply some more clear nail polish on top to help it stick in place. Finally, let it dry, buff it with your nail file and voila. The tea bag will keep the broken nail in place until you decide to cut it.
0:13 – Gradient nail design
0:56 – Water marble manicure
1:58 – Lipstick and nail polish hack
3:43 – DIY matte nail polish
4:44 – How to make your own nail polish
6:15 – Outgrown gel manicure hack
6:31 – DIY nail polish remover
6:53 – Nail polish crafts
7:57 – Cute nail polish design accessories
9:04 – Nail polish lifehacks
9:44 – Find your keys with nail polish
10:03 – Sewing trick
10:18 – Waterproof matches

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