​​Brilliant skincare DIYs for a flawless look

Having beautiful skin is something we all strive for. Sometimes we out of our way to buy the best/most expensive skincare products out there that allegedly work wonders when in reality sometimes all natural products we have in our own home do the trick. So, in this video, we wanted to share with you some amazing skincare tips and brilliant DIYs that will completely change your pampering routine game and save you a ton of money.

– Toothpaste and skincare
There are a lot of hacks you can do using toothpaste. Mainly because of its cooling effect it can eliminate “heat” and inflammation from the surface of the skin as well as work as a body scrub when used correctly. Here we have some uses you can do with toothpaste.
– You can eliminate and remove pimples from your skin by applying dots of toothpaste on your acne scars and pimples that appear.
– You can use toothpaste on a toothbrush to scrub your nose and eliminate the appearance of both blackheads and whiteheads.

– DIY fake freckles:
We also share with you some amazing DIY hacks that will help you with your makeup look. For example how to achieve the fake freckles look. Freckles came into the makeup world a few months ago, and they are here to stay, so we show you an alternative way to give your face that sunkissed look. Simply add some hot glue on some greaseproof paper and while it’s still warm, dip your fork inside the glue. After that, dip your fork into some matte brown eyeshadow and tap it on your face.

– Hair mask for smooth hair:
You don’t need to go out and spend a ton of money to buy a hair mask filled with chemicals when you can use whipping cream to do the trick. You simply, apply whipping cream all over your head and then you let it sit there for half an hour. Whipping cream has a lot of proteins that can be absorbed through the hair follicles and give nutrients to your hair.

– How to get rid of bad breath:
Bad breath is something we’ve all encountered at one point in our lives. So we show you the best way to eliminate it by trying out these little hacks we have. Simply mix some activated charcoal with some water, and then brush your teeth it. The charcoal eliminated the bacteria that live on the tongue as well as the plague that builds up around the teeth which is one of the reasons you might have bad breath. Then rinse your mouth and voila.

Watch our whole video to discover many more brilliant hacks that have to do with makeup tips and tricks as well as many more DIY face masks to eliminate dark circles and pale skin.
0:06 – Toothpaste hacks
1:18 – Hair treatment – hair mask
2:10 – Hair extensions rainbow colors
3:09 – How to get rid of bad breath
4:13 – How to get rid of pale lips
5:49 – How to clean your makeup brushes
6:46 – How to get rid of dark armpits
7:08 – Teeth-whitening hack
8:25 – DIY liquid eyeshadow
9:30 – DIY body scrub
10:57 – Temporary waterproof tattoo

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