Brilliant DIY skincare recipes for beauty

When it comes to beauty, we all want to find the best products that suit our skin and give us that extra glow that we are all looking for. So, in this video, we wanted to share with you some amazing DIY beauty products and skincare hacks that will revolutionize your beauty regimen and your whole skincare routine. We show you many brilliant beauty masks you can try as well as some hair hacks, and also some sewing tips to improve your look from all angles.

Freckles are the new makeup trend and all of us girls want to have that sunkissed look that will make us look younger. So in this video, we show you how to add freckles to your skin using makeup products. Simply take a fork and dip it in some hot glue. Let it sit there for a few seconds until the glue hardens and then dip it into a brown matte eyeshadow. Finally, tap it in your skin and voila.

Voluminous silk hair is something that all of us girls strive for. We usually try to find the best hair mask either online or at different salons where in reality the place we shouldn’t be looking for is in our own fridge. If you experience dryness in your hair add some whipping cream on them as a hair mask. Massage it on your scalp and then distribute it until the ends of your hair. The proteins in the whipping cream will restore your hair’s shininess and bounciness.

If you notice that your skin look pale, we have the best skincare mask for you. In a bowl add some warm water, a pomegranate teabag and then some gelatin. Stir the mixture together and place it in your fridge for a few hours. When the mixture becomes solid like jello, put it on your face for a few minutes until it absorbs the moisture and anti-oxidant properties of the pomegranate. Finally, remove the mask, rinse your face and see the results for yourself.

Have you ever been in that awful situation where you had really bad breath and it felt embarrassing to talk to people? Then we have the best lifesaving hack you can try in this situation. Simply mix some activated charcoal with some hot water. Then dip your toothbrush in the mixture and wash your teeth with it. You’ll see that the charcoal will get rid of the bacteria causing you bad breath.

Watch our whole video to discover all of our brilliant beauty hacks that you’ll love to try. We show you how to get rid of pale lips by mixing wasabi and yogurt. We also show you how to create your own peel-off mask and even how to correctly wear some of your favorite clothes.

0:08 – DIY freckles
0:31 – DRY hair mask
0:55 – Teabag facemask
2:07 – Eyeshadow hack
2:21 – Get rid of bad breath
2:51 – DIY eyeshadow brush
3:54 – Eyebrow hack
4:14 – Contouring trick
5:40 – DIY peel-off mask
6:10 – Get rid of dry heels
6:50 – How to get rid of pimples
8:06 – Hair growth serum/stop hair loss
8:53 – Dry skin treatment
10:09 – Cool crop top trick
10:40 – Nail polish rose design
11:49 – Restore a swirly hair tie

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