Amazing makeup and beauty tricks

Makeup came into our lives to make it easier and more beautiful. We are all trying our best to achieve the most flawless look possible whether we are going for a nude natural look or a full glam. So in this video, we wanted to help you with some makeup and beauty tips that will completely change and improve your makeup routine. For example, we show you how to use bobby pins when applying your makeup and also brilliant DIY face masks for both oil and dry skin.

– Oily skin face mask
If you are suffering from oily skin, instead of spending a ton of money trying to find the best face mask that works for you, why not try to create your own using all natural products? Here is what you need. In a glass bowl add some sandalwood powder, some orange juice and a pinch of turmeric. Mix them all together and then apply the mixture on your face using a clean makeup brush.

– In addition, we show you how to apply perfect lipstick without a mirror and also how to make your makeup waterproof when putting your clothes on. This can be a true lifesaver, especially when you wear your clothes right after you do your makeup.

– You can make your eyelashes appear longer and uplifted by warming up your mascara curler before curling them. It will act just as a hair straightener reacts to your hair. Then, you can put on your mascara and see the results for yourself.

– If you find it difficult to apply lipstick and it constantly looks uneven try out our little hack. Use a bobby pin as a guide on your top lips and then use a spoon for your lower lip. Your lipstick will then look so flawless it will seem like a makeup artist did your makeup.

– How to fix broken makeup powders:
We understand the heartbreak a girl goes through when her favorite makeup palette or powder falls on the floor and it breaks, but we found the perfect hack on how to fix your broken makeup that will save your makeup. Simply, add some rubbing alcohol on your makeup powder that broke and then add a paper towel on top. After that, using a spoon tap the powder in place, remove the paper towel and voila.

Watch our whole video to discover many more amazing makeup tricks and beauty hacks that will inspire you to do your makeup right away.
0:12 – Oily skin face mask
1:06 – Eyelash curler hack
1:22 – DIY lipstick guide
2:07 – Static remover + leave-in conditioner
3:06 – How to fix broken makeup
4:17 – Eyeliner stamp
4:26 – Edible lipsticks
4:54 – Chocolate lipstick
7:32 – DIY makeup brush cleaner
9:02 – How to contour your lips
9:27 – DIY lipstick palette

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