Painful morning situations that we can all relate

Hey morning dwellers, I know the struggles of having to wake up every morning after a nice long weekend and how sometimes these situations take the best of us. We expect the week to start nice and smoothly while in reality it goes down the drain.
– When you try to make a coffee in the morning to wakeup and you end up making a mess instead without the coffee.
– When you accidentally hit the cancel button on your alarm instead of your snooze and you end up oversleeping instead of going to work
– When you sit and wait for the delivery to arrive and they end up arriving just when you went to the bathroom.
– Sometimes we love long nails, sometimes we love short nails. Some other times we fancy pizza over a salad. There always two types of girls in this world and we are both of them

0:07 – Me in the morning
3:15 – When you are way too unlucky
6:54 – There are two types of girls
8:27 – Their everyday makeup
12:38 – Bloopers
13:09 – Mom problems you probably have
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