Brilliant nail art hacks

It was only recently that nails became such a huge beauty sensation. We all go online to watch those brilliant nail design videos that will inspire us for our next nail design ideas. However, not everyone can afford to pay a visit to their local nail salon and get their nails done. So, in this video, we wanted to inspire you to give an awesome look to your nails. Whether you are a new nail technician who is looking to experiment with new designs or you like nail art as a hobby, these hacks are for everyone. You can have fun creating your own designs or get your friend’s nails done for different occasions.

– If you are struggling to give your french nails an even look. You can try adding some plaster as a guide. Since plaster has a curvy edge it will make your french nails look even in no time.

– We also show you a brilliant watercolor design that you will fall in love with. We demonstrate a cool way to create watercolors effects using markers and alcohol. Simply paint your nails with white nail polish and wait for them to dry. After start drawing on your nails with markers and then dip a nail brush in some alcohol to create the cool watercolor effect. In order to give your nails more dimension, you can also try to layer the markers just as we demonstrate in the video tutorial.

– If you are getting your nails done just for a specific occasion, instead of going through the fuss to remove them using nail polish remover you can try this little hack. Simply add some PVA glue on your nails before applying your nail polish. Then after the glue is dry, paint your nails with the nail polish of your choice. In order to remove the polish after that, simply peel it off.

– In order to create a beautiful nail design with different color stripes, you can try to do so with dental floss. Simply paint your nails with your favorite color, and then wrap some dental floss all around your nails. After that, paint your nails again on top of the dental with different colored nail polish and voila.

– We also show you a cool way to grow your nails faster as well as nourish them. This hack is perfect if you would like to treat your nails after having gel or acrylic nails for a long time. Simply melt some wax in the microwave and dip your nails in it. Then dip them in a bowl filled with cold water and then remove it. The wax will both strengthen your nails and help them grow out faster.

Watch our whole video to discover many awesome nail hacks we have for you. We show you how to create a cool marble art nail design or even how to make your own matte top coat.

0:27 – Cool watercolor effect
1:02 – DIY peel-off manicure
2:15 – How to grow your nails faster
3:40 – DIY matte top coat
4:09 – Paint splatters nail design
4:41 – DIY nail polish
5:22 – Marble nail art
6:31 – DIY nail polish remover
7:10 – Water marble manicure
7:36 – Gradient effect
8:04 – How to fix a broken nail
9:47 – Cool girly hacks
10:59 – Fake lashes trick

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