Brilliant way to re-invent your clothes

It can be hard to keep up with fashion especially because it keeps circling around and we feel like most of the time we need to buy new clothes in order to feel part of it. Well, in this video we have some brilliant clothing hacks that will help you re-invent your clothes and turn them into completely new items!

We all have a number of pair of tights laying around somewhere in our closets that we no longer wear, sometimes because they have a tear, some other times because they no longer fit us. Well in this video we show you how you can re-use your old tights into completely new pairs of clothes.
– We show you how to turn your old tights into a beautiful off-shoulder blouse.
– If you’d like to wash your silk clothes in your washing machine with cold water. In order to prevent them from getting damaged, simply place them inside some tights to keep the threads from coming off.
– If you’ve accidentally caused a tear in your tights and you don’t want it to spread further until you get home, just add some clear nail polish to keep it in place.
– You can also use tights as a mirror cleaner because all the dirt and water sticks to them so your mirror won’t look streaky anymore.

We all know how some pillowcases have brilliant designs that would look gorgeous in clothes. So, in this video, we wanted to share with you an amazing and super easy way to turn a pillowcase into a brilliant blouse.

If you have a pair of jeans that you are looking to make them smaller in order to fit your body type like a glove, we show you the way to do it. Simply flip them inside out and then using sewing needles place them at the outer parts of the jeans as guides. Then take your sewing machine and start sewing around the needles in order to make it narrower.

For those of you who would like to get into embroidery but have no experience, we have some brilliant tutorials for beginners in order to help you decorate your clothes. We show you how to make embroidery roses.

Watch our whole video and see all of our helpful clothing hacks that will help you upgrade your wardrobe.

0:07 – Handy ways to reuse tights
4:02 – Easy DIY clothing ideas for beginners
7:17 – Sewing Hacks You’ll Wish You Knew Before
10:18 – Brilliant ways to decorate your clothes with bleach
12:46 – Creative ways to tie your shoelaces
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