Hilarious things we’ve all experienced

Hey girls. Have you ever been in a situation where you needed someone to understand you, relate and give you the solution to all your problems? Then don’t worry because in this video I show you the solution to all your problems.
– Have you ever started walking down the street with your headphones on thinking that you are a signer at a concert?
– What about the time’s someone is having a conversation on their phone and you are listening to everything that they are saying. – I mean it is really interesting if you think about it.
– Let’s not forget about the times that we get really hungry and can’t decide what to have from the fridge.
– We all get too lazy sometimes. For example, when you want to add some ice in your drink and when a few ice-cubes fall on the floor you kick them underneath eh fridge. – Come on, I know everyone does it when nobody is looking.
– When you or someone in your family puts something back in the fridge when it’s almost empty so that they don’t have to throw it out.
– Have you ever been in a situation when you were so scared that you started sweating? For example, when you can’t remember if you’ve closed your flat iron, or if you can’t remember if you’ve locked your door? I have plenty of these situations in this video that you’ll definitely relate to.

0:07 – Hilarious things we all do from time to time
1:27 – When you overdo it with the perfume
2:13 – What you do when you see a hot guy
3:01 – Hilarious Bloopers
3:20 – When you meet your worst fear
4:52 – When you are scared of the dark
5:29 – When you have a fear of spiders
6:38 – Situations that only pregnant women can relate to
9:04 – Best way to eat popcorn
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